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Backlog Digitization

Backlog Digitization – The Benefits Keep Mounting Up

There is little doubt that converting paper-based information into easily-searchable electronic documents within an ECM yields substantial short-term and long-term benefits, the obvious ones being: increased speed and simplicity for people to find what they need; the ability to share information across an enterprise-wide IT infrastructure, and a massive reduction in the space taken up by cabinets, cupboards and shelves. And that’s great for day-forward documents.

But what about the thousands, or tens of thousands of archived or inactive documents that need to be brought into an ECM? To the unwary, there are countless pitfalls that can sabotage or severely limit the effectiveness of an ECM if the process of backlog document conversion and integration is not well planned, structured and managed.

InfasME – Your Backlog Digitization Partner

By relying on InfasME’s expertise, you can undertake a document conversion program — or restructure an existing program — in the absolute confidence that your backlog will be fully integrated with your ECM. You can also be assured that there will be no need for additional capital investment, no long, frustrating delays, and no uncertainty that your documents have been accurately and safely scanned and indexed to the correct location.

A backlog digitization program designed and undertaken by InfasME will deliver streamlined access for appropriately-authorized personnel, enterprise-wide distribution of information, and an ongoing reduction of records management costs. You’ll get all the benefits of ‘going digital’, without the uncertainties and high costs.

InfasME digitization specialists devise and action backlog conversion programs for businesses and organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. We can custom-design an onsite or offsite program to tackle a one-off, low volume, task or an ongoing bulk scanning and indexing project. And we can outsource our services to manage an entire document management department within a large company or government department. With outsourcing, we oversee and manage the efficient operation of all aspects of an ECM – receiving, digitizing, indexing, storing, and the retrieval of hundreds of thousands of documents in any given time-frame.

InfasME Methodology and Approach:

Batch Preparation

The first, and critically important step is Batch Preparation. Here we make certain that all documents that need to be scanned are separated into single sheets, are in the best condition and format, are sorted in logical groups and are batch bar-coded.


Scanning of individual documents into the ECM using a range of state-of-the-art high-speed and high-resolution scanning devices.

Quality Control

Real-time quality control ensuring that every document passes performance tests for image clarity and readability.


Implementing the predetermined indexing details to each document to make sure it has all of the likely search criteria.

Document Storing and Publishing

Scanned and quality certified and indexed documents are allocated to the appropriate repository or library in an organization’s ECR.


Ongoing monitoring of the process and generating reports applicable to each user or group for system integrity and audit purposes.

Major Clients:

Du Telecommunications

Emirates Telecommunications company, Dubai, UAE

Client Website

Dubai Economy

Dubai Economy is the government body entrusted to set and drive the economic agenda of the emirate of Dubai, UAE.

Client Website

Commercial Bank of Dubai

CBD is one of the major banks in the city of Dubai, UAE.

Client Website

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