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Business Process Optimization

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Organizations transitioning from a paper-based environment to a digital document management solution want outcomes that will improve efficiency, transparency, compliance and security. The drive is on to automate every process normally carried out by often vast numbers of people shuffling paper from place to place. This is referred to as business process automation (BPA).

There are tangible benefits to a well-structured BPA, and these are the main motivators:

Time Savings

Automating the paperwork flow (or any number of other critical process flows) eliminates the need for people to move from place to place delivering instructions or hard copies.

Cost Savings

Significant reductions in document distribution costs because digital documents are readily available from anywhere within an organization, irrespective of location.

Enhanced Security

Apart from the important and obvious aspect of physical paperwork not being moved around and easily misappropriated or lost,  BPA solutions employ ‘versioning’. This means that no two people can edit the same document simultaneously and each version is retained as a unique record featuring all changes made at each stage of it’s life, and who made them.

However, the key to a really successful BPA project is to clearly identify what will deliver results, and what won’t. Effective BPA efforts depend on knowing which part can and should be automated and will fit into the end-to-end process – and, just as important, knowing what should not be automated.

While paper-based processes can be automated to achieve many goals, the goals must be relevant, clearly defined, qualified and quantified at the outset. BPA projects need to focus on the business outcomes, not the technology. The emphasis should be on improving business processes, not simply automating them for automation’s sake. And getting it wrong is a sure route to failure.

InfasME business process consultants use their extensive experience to assess each organization’s needs and precisely integrate them into a well-structured BPA plan based on Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 platforms. Our consultants have devised numerous highly efficient BPA solutions that are delivering outstanding results for document management processes in organizations throughout the Middle East and North Africa. InfasME BPA solutions have been incorporated into many ECM systems to manage everything from purchase order and order processing to budget approvals. Typically any document-intensive process responds well because a BPA is able to manage end-to-end workflows without the need for human involvement or hard-copy documents. Electronic approval processes, requests, signatures, and archiving can all be integrated.

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Dubai Economy is the government body entrusted to set and drive the economic agenda of the emirate of Dubai, UAE.

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