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ECM Implementation

Using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to advance organizational objectives.

Every enterprise, irrespective of size and type, has come to rely heavily on information to function day to day. Around the world there is an accelerating move towards implementing an ECM strategy, or analyzing and assessing an existing ECM installation.It’s fair to say that safeguarding and accessing proprietary information – documents, images, emails, videos, voice, and more, together with any accrued knowledge-base – is absolutely critical to ongoing successful performance. ECM applications and tools help organizations capture, analyze, index, store, deliver and archive content. That’s why ECM has come to play such an important role in modern business practices.

With that in mind, it is really important to select the right ECM solution provider: the one that best suits your needs in terms of ability, knowledge, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

For those enterprises that actually have an ECM, the view may be more pragmatic: “Yes, we have an ECM, but we know it’s not delivering what we need”.

“At InfasME, our internationally-recognized ECM consultants design and implement highly successful ECM solutions based on the most advanced, most reliable software platforms available today.”

Our skills enable us to:

  • devise and implement content management systems that are relevant to organizational methodologies and information requirements
  • ensure effective integration of all functions, file types and locations in all-embracing information solutions
  • create fully-compliant ECM systems that meet all regulatory criteria
  • design operational environments that are friendly and easy to use and that have high levels of acceptance
  • consult with management and staff to ensure that what we deliver is what they need to do their work effectively
  • guide customers through any change management and project management requirements

“When you work with us we will deliver an easy to use, logically structured, enterprise-wide content management system that really does perform and that will advance your organizational objectives.”

Major Clients:

Du Telecommunications

Emirates Telecommunications company, Dubai, UAE

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