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Workflow Automation


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5 Reasons to seriously consider “workflow automation” for your business:-


Cloud-Based Technology

Implementing new workflows and changing existing ones has become simpler and faster in cloud-based applications. Also, user adoption can be accelerated due to software optimization for mobile devices and accessibility from any internet-enabled device.

Even small and medium sized organizations can embrace Workflow Automation now that cloud computing has become the norm. Licensing costs have tumbled, infrastructure headaches have all but been eliminated, and some basic configuration and customization can be undertaken by people with only rudimentary IT expertise.


KPI-Based Reports

The initial stage of implementation is always a ‘testing zone’ where you can assess the performance of each workflow. Possibly what was thought to be running smoothly is actually taking longer: you may need to add a step or remove a step to get maximum efficiency.  A substantial KPI-based reporting function in your WMS will let you see and analyze where bottlenecks occur and where to focus your attention.


SLA Indicators

Once automation has been initiated for one process, it’s very easy to implement the automation of other internal processes. When overseeing a number of automated processes, it’s important to know quickly which ones are on track and which ones need further attention. The WMS dashboard has the necessary tools for monitoring and alerting you regarding the most critical workflows.


Customized Notifications

Your WMS will automatically send notifications via email or push notifications on mobile devices as a reminder of upcoming approvals. You will be able to customize the type and content of notifications.


Access Control

You can restrict access to sensitive information by defining exactly what each individual user can see and edit. You are able to make changes to the set permissions without breaking the workflow or affecting historical information or requests.


Businesses function through a series of processes. In small businesses and start-ups, they are easy to control, easy to manage and easy to monitor. However, over time they often grow to become unstructured and unmanageable; taking up ever more time, as well as hardware and human resources. They become a burden – causing bottlenecks and frustration. Before that happens, wise business managers implement practical workflow automation strategies that are designed to streamline their business processes.

InfasME workflow consultants will analyze your internal processes and devise a Workflow Automation Plan that will streamline and simplify them to deliver optimal performance.

Our experts can focus on a specific process, department or division, or can undertake an enterprise-wide evaluation; proposing a far-reaching improvement strategy that will bring previously imagined operational benefits and cost/time savings.

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